StoryStream’s Social Hub visualises the best, selected user-generated and owned content at the core of a brand story or long-term campaign.

The advocacy content flows seamlessly down the page in tiles, with each item featuring the source, author and publish date, allowing deeper engagement within a live story, and a more personal brand experience. By default the Social Hub is displayed as three columns, but with full, configurable responsiveness, will snap down to two columns on a tablet; one on mobile; and when you reach the bottom of the page, you can click to see more of the story.

With the option to filter by source or category, users can click into items for context, interact with the story, share the content to their own channels and ultimately drive conversation.

There’s a range of themes available, or you can adjust our existing styles with custom CSS to ensure it fits perfectly with your brand.

As a result, the Social Hub fits beautifully on any brand website with StoryStream’s configurable plug-and-play technology, or as a free-standing web page, allowing the story to be viewed and shared from anywhere, across web or mobile.

Using StoryStream’s intuitive curation suite, content is approved and published to the Social Hub in real-time, with no technical experience necessary. With the shortlist and schedule features, collaborative storytelling is quick, efficient and ensures your content is always fresh and relevant.


To embed the Social Hub app you’ll need to add the following to your page.

1 Firstly, the container (HTML) element, which should be placed exactly where you’d like the Social Hub to display on the page.

<div id="StoryStreamSocialHubApp" class="stry-hub stry-grid"></div>


2 The following is the script (JavaScript) that loads the Social Hub and its functionality, populating the above container.

The app_id will need to be replaced by your unique app instance ID, generated in the App Store or by your Account Manager.

The JavaScript file should be placed below this HTML element (preferably in the footer, or directly after it) so that the element is definitely in the DOM.

<script src="http://apps.storystream.it/social-hub/js/app_id.js"></script>


Browser Support:

The Social Hub is supported on the following browsers:

  • Chrome 35+
  • Safari 7+
  • Internet Explorer 9+
  • Firefox 30+


Our extended documentation details how to cater for unsupported browsers, with more information on how to embed and customise specific elements of the Social Hub.

Find out more at our Developer Portal   onward-arrow


Customisation and Styling