Bring your digital signage to life with StoryStream’s Live Screen, dynamically showcasing your best user-generated and brand content, increasing audience engagement and social interaction.

Content automatically flows across the screen, bringing the most recently published items into view to display the imagery, text and author, giving your consumers a more authentic and visual experience.

The Live Screen works for both landscape and portrait screens, with dedicated corners to upload brand logos, hashtags, or simple call to actions. Flexibility with the timings, amount of rows, multiple colours, and the option to have a background colour or image ensures the display fits perfectly with your brand, and the screen’s surroundings.

Because the Live Screen is web-hosted and responsive, it can be broadcasted to screens of any aspect ratio, anywhere there’s an internet connection.

The Live Screen turns any retail, office, event or ad space into a more relevant and vibrant customer experience, boosting engagement and interaction with your brand at every touchpoint.

Using StoryStream’s intuitive curation suite, content is approved and published to the Live Screen in real-time, with no technical experience necessary. With the shortlist and schedule features, collaborative storytelling is quick, efficient and ensures your content is always fresh and relevant.


To display StoryStream on your screen, you’ll also need a driver with a compatible web browser, and a reliable internet connection. While the Live Screen is flexible enough to work at most screen sizes, we recommend a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels and an aspect ratio of 16:9. It should also be positioned portrait or landscape, depending on the orientation it’s configured to display from the app’s Settings area.

To get your Live Screen displaying correctly, all you’ll need to do is paste the link that’s generated in the App Store, or sent from your Account Manager into one of the compatible web browsers, and make sure it’s viewed in full screen mode (listed below).

The link will look something like this, example.ls.storystream.it/app/live-screen.

Suitable drivers:

Mac: MacMini, MacBook Pro or MacBook Air. Minimum spec 8GB RAM.

PC: Minimum spec Intel Core 2 Duo 2.8GHz, 4GB RAM, integrated Intel G45/G43 Graphics, 64Mb dedicated video or shared 1.2GB.

Compatible web browsers (Full screen instructions):

  • Chrome 34+ (Mac: Cmd ⌘ + Ctrl + F, Windows: F11)
  • Firefox 31+ (Mac: Cmd ⌘ + Shift + F, Windows: F11)
  • Opera 26+ (Mac: Cmd ⌘ + Shift + F, Windows: F11),
  • Internet Explorer 10+ (Windows: F11).

Ideal internet connection:

In order to bring new published content into the Live Screen, it requires a stable, ideally wired internet connection, with speeds of at least 4MB per second.

If connection to the internet drops, the screen will stay live and content will continue to display, but won’t be able to receive any more published content since the connection stopped, or play videos from YouTube, Vimeo or Vine.



Read more about how to embed, customise and display the Live Screen at our Developer Portal


Customisation and Styling